Grapes varietals

Pinot Noir

A very ancient varietal, also at the origin of numerous other grape varieties. Pinot Noir grapes are widely cultivated around the world and more specifically in temperate climate regions. Pinot Noir lends a diversity of aromas to the wines. When young, Pinots will be characterized by red fruit scents and spicy notes, and will develop more complex, savoury and barnyard aromas as they age.


Introduced in Europe by the Crusaders who are said to have brought it back from the Middle East, Chardonnay is today the most well known white varietal in the world.


Generous sunlight gives its grapes their yellow- and amber-coloured. Chardonnay will produce ample and elegant wines characterized by fine fruity aromas.


This local white varietal spans the whole region of Allier.


Visually, it can be recognized by its middle-sized cluster of tiny and juicy grapes. Its wines are light, vivid and full of freshness.


This red-coloured varietal producing white juice was first discovered in the 14th century.


Gamay yields full-bodied wines, marked by fresh red fruit aromas as well as deep floral notes such as lilac and violet.


This white varietal best expresses its typicality in the Loire Valley.


Its natural acidity and vigour lends characteristic floral notes and tropical fruits aromas to the wines.