The secrets of Saint-Pourçain

Bordering the Loire Valley, our terroir is located between Vichy and Moulins.

A singular location

From the Middle Ages onward, Saint-Pourçain wine trading strived thanks to the very special geographical location of its terroir, standing at the cross-roads of the Loire, Allier and Sioule waterways.

Royal cuvées

From the 13th to the 15th century, Saint-Pourçain wines were highly esteemed by the Royal Court.


They were notably served during the Saumur Fest held by Louis the 9th, also known as Saint Louis.

The Popes' favorite

Throughout the 14th century, the Papal Court based in Avignon would make very frequent purchases of 

Saint-Pourçain wines.

From 1341 to 1363 the popes would order between 6,000 and 12,000 laters of Saint-Pourçain wines annually, despite the subsequent transportation costs they had to incur at the time.

A unique varietal

Tressallier is a white and rare varietal, especially cultivated to produce Saint-Pourçain wines.

It can be recognized by its freshness and vivacity

on the palate.

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